eccentric crew that he picks up along the way. Facing an evil beyond compare, they must band together to survive and maybe just spark the start of an ancient prophecy...

As an epic fantasy, I couldn’t help but be thrilled by this new adventure created by Thomas J. Lupo. The cast faced unsurmountable danger and evil but with mishaps, humor and mayhem they trudge on. Lupo has found that balance of emotions that is required to connect the reader to the story.

Told with the tactility of a scifi fantasy, The Blue Dagger and the Prince of Illumine pops off the pages and brings this magical world to life.

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The Blue Dagger and the Prince of Illumine is a fantastical debut novel by Thomas J. Lupo.

In a world saturated by magic, Galatar, with his family’s blue daggar, heads out to stop the destruction of the villages and solve the mystery behind the missing children. Galatar is accompanied by an